MBTI Personality Assignment

By Editorial Team Last updated: Oct 14, 2022

MBTI  Personality Assignment

Personality Assignment

Now that you complete the MBTI assessment in the Week Three Discussion Board, this assignment will require you to use your findings and give a more comprehensive analysis of your personality.  Also please read the lecture material in the Week Four Module, and Chapter Two of the textbook, for the paper.  Don’t forget to cite your sources.  See the rubric for specifics on grading.

1) Describe the four basic dimensions styles of the MBTI

2) Discuss your specific personality type, including all four dimensions, i.e. ENFP.  Give SPECIFIC examples of how this assessment does or does not apply to you and your management style. This analysis needs to include how this style affects your communication on the job. In other words, how does your stye affect the way you communicate with others?  Were you aware of this communication style?  How has your style helped you or hindered your work performance or success?

3) Identify a current co-worker’s MBTI’s style giving several examples of how they communicates and how they behave.   Look at the material on the specific styles and be sure you to do cite that material.

4) How might you have a conflict with this co-worker?  What can you do to resolve that conflict positively and what could you do that would resolve the conflict ineffectively?


Write the questions out completely and then answer them one at a time. You must first demonstrate that you understand this theory, and then apply it.  This paper should be a minimum of 5-6 pages. It may be longer, with 5-7 citation sources.   Do not quote directly from the text but put this material in your own words being sure to document. Use the APA (7the edition) format to document the websites.  Please consult the writing guidelines for the course.



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